About Us

Fleet Information Technology was founded in 2008, as the first fleet management operator inside Egypt. We are the market leaders in the fleet management services across the country, with an approximate of 10,000 installations. We could proudly state that we have always been a part of our clients’ success journey.

With a partnership with the telematics giants, we have become one of the leading innovators of In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS), Vehicle Telematics, Connected Vehicle, Machine-2-Machine, Asset and Fleet Management, and Fuel Management solutions. We strive to innovate new technologies to help enhance the experience of customers and progress in their daily business, improve the driving of our personal and commercial vehicles, reduce carbon dioxide and protect the environment, minimize unnecessary expenditures, and save lives.


Our journey to becoming the market leaders in the fleet management system


Partnering with MiX Telematics as the first Fleet Management operator in Egypt.


Penetrating the Oil & Gas 


Partnering with FMS Technology Group.


Executing PEPSICO Egypt mega project, with an approximate number of 3,000+ vehicles. Which is considered one of the largest IVMS projects in the Middle East.


Acquiring 80% of the Oil & Gas


Launched the Fuel Management System as the first integrated fuel management system in Egypt.



Board of Directors

Our vision narrated by the founders

"My command of business and my team is second to none. Our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction form the basis of our philosophy. Our theme is quality, integrity, time, efficiency and safety. To achieve these principles, we are committed to fulfill our corporate responsibilities, including enhancing our awareness of and conformity with business ethics, and aim to be a reliable and trustworthy company."

Eng. Mahmoud Osman


"Although the business environment remains severe due to ongoing global circumstances, our company is working on building a new business model to “Create new value”. By keeping an eye on the changing demands of our customers and further accelerating our efforts, we will strive to maximize the value we provide to our customers, employees, and our society."

Eng. Sayed Kamal