In Vehicle Monitoring system

An In Vehicle Monitoring System is when an electronic device is installed in a vehicle to monitor driver and vehicle behavior and activities. IVMS provides fleet managers with data adequate tools to improve safety, and lower fuel and maintenance costs.IVMS reports provide you with data concerning:Over Speeding  Over Revving Harsh Acceleration Harsh Breaking Seat belt usage Light usage Trip information Start and stop times Distance travelled Average speed Engine temperature Odometer reading Driving style Excess idling

Radio Frequency Identification

RFID Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a system that uses radio signals, with a specific frequency to recognize a card or tag. The purpose is to recognize the identity of the user who is handling that asset.In real-time fleet management systems, RFID system enables deriver  registration and identification. it is required to install an accessory named reader, serving the purpose to read card assigned to drivers registered on the digital platform. When entering the vehicle, driver awaits for the reader beep and swipes the card. The accessory reads card data and sends information on the digital platform, that matches card to driver and collects subsequent performance data reports.

Driver and Vehicle reports

FIT offers its clients a number of different reports engineered to make fleet managers obtain relevant insights. Time & Distance, Driver activity, Driver performance, Driver Activity reports allows fleet managers to identify safe drivers from dangerous ones. The digital software also provides detailed deports ranking the drivers based on their performance, RAG reports and best drivers allow fleet owners to acknowledge