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Due to the Expanding of FIT services, a free support service is now offered by FIT for all VDO customers in Egypt. for more information please contact us.

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FM200 Plus

FM200 Plus The FM200 Plus is the ideal solution for driver and vehicle management. In addition to recording the standard events, you can also define and monitor additional customized events, such as the emergency lights, refrigeration units and trailer coupling.

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FM Locator

FM Locator The FM200 Locator offers the extensive driver and vehicle management the FM200 Plus offers, and an internal GPS receiver, where GPS information (such as the GPS location, GPS heading and GPS speed) can also be recorded.

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FM Com-Link

FM Com-Link The FM300 ComLink-GSM, the latest on-board computer on the market, provides a comprehensive fleet management solution. The unit combines extensive driver and vehicle management with advanced communication functionality.
An internal GSM/GPRS modem that allows remote communication between the vehicle and your office, enables you to receive real-time notifications of events, to perform remote downloads of driver and vehicle data, and to perform configuration uploads all without physical access to the vehicles.

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FM 300 Communicator

FM 300 Communicator The FM300 Communicator offers the same extensive driver and vehicle management as the FM200 Plus and has an additional internal GPS receiver and GSM/GPRS modem. The GPS receiver allows the recording of GPS position information.
The GPS receiver combined with the GSM/GPRS modem allow for active tracking of vehicles and enables real-time notifications of user specified events, as well as over the air re-configuration of on-board computers and the downloading of data.

Please click here to download FM 300 Communicator fact sheet